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My Amazing Experience

Written by Logan Stevens Yr 7

On the 22nd October 2017, I woke up bright and early raring to go for the day ahead. We left nice and early in my car to go to Cardiff for the Welsh Trampolining Grading competition. It took 45 minutes to get there and I was feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. We arrived at about 11:40am and I wasn’t due to jump until 4:40pm. I had to wait a whole 5 hours until I could jump. I felt anxious and couldn’t wait to start. While I waited, I watched all the other people in my club jump and they all did quite well. Finally it was my turn, I had a 0.5 deduction which means that I lost 0.5 marks for doing something wrong from my total marks. Overall, I came 4th out of all the people entering from all over Wales. It was one of my favourite days and something that I will always remember. I have another competition on the 26th November and I hope to do even better, hopefully first place!


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