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Virtual Reality Space Bus Monday 4th Feb

We are one of the few lucky schools in wales to have a visit from the VR space bus. On Monday we hope to give as many of our pupils aged 13 or over the chance to  experience in VR how it felt for Tim Peake when he returned from space.

What is the Space Descent with Tim Peake Bus Tour?

The tour is a partnership between Samsung CSR and the Science Museum Group, bringing to life the excitement and learnings from Tim Peake’s space mission. Over the course of 24 months, the tour will be visiting city centres and schools across the UK. Cheil has collaborated to bring the bus experience to life!

What does the experience involve?

– Interactive space training and games

– ‘Digital Suit Up’ to try on an astronaut suit

– International Space Station observatory window replica

– 2 minute 360 degree Virtual Reality Experience (Trailer): Tim Peake’s space descent to Earth


How long does the experience take?

For each visitor:

  • 15mins training, Suit Up, observatory (downstairs)
  • 5mins VR experience (upstairs)
  • Total = 20 minutes



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