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Food and Nutrition Practical Exam

For all the pupils that took the option of Food and Nutrition, yesterday mark the day of their practical examination.

Each pupil had to research food intolerances and allergies and then select 3 dishes plus accompaniments that were suitable for their chosen food intolerance/allergy. The pupils made every element of each dish from scratch by themselves including bread (leavened and unleavened), pasta, noodles, etc.

I think you will agree from the photos taken of the pupils’ hard work, that they have really out done themselves and shown what a talented group of pupils we have.

Congratulations to everyone involved and a big thank you to Mrs. Philips and Mrs. Poulton-Rogers who support the children throughout the day.



IMG_4805 IMG_4804 IMG_4800 IMG_4797 IMG_4790 IMG_4786 IMG_4779




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