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Le Français

According to research, learning a foreign language makes you more intelligent and decisive. It also improves your English because you will learn so much about the intricacies of a language. At Cymer Afan, our aim is to gradually build linguistic knowledge, from using words, to sentences, to paragraphs, to writing a variety of texts and having full conversations… all in another language!
Learning a language provides endless opportunities. Not only do you significantly improve your communication skills, but you can experience different cultures, broaden your horizons and converse with native speakers. Moreover, it challenges your thinking skills. Scientific research has shown that learning a language improves memory and can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in later life.

Furthermore, learning a language will considerably enhance your career prospects. Studies have shown that employees who speak an additional language earn an average of 17% more per year than those who cannot. Employers in all sectors value those who speak more than one language, especially in industries such as business, law and the service sector. Just think you could be travelling the world closing business deals or even interpreting for an international sport star in the near future!

So, take the challenge and see where it can take you!