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Art and Photography

Art and Design enriches the lives of us all. Art is a means of communication that transcends mere language. It allows us to express ideas and feelings to others a direct and powerfully way and is a vital part of being human. Artists present us with visual information that communicates their ideas in the strongest way. It is a gateway into culture, architecture, design and offers a myriad of opportunities that enhance our well-being and feelings. Art plays an integral part in delivering quality of life.

The Art Department at Cymer Afan offers us the exciting opportunities to explore and develop our creative potential with painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, ceramics, 3D, design work and Photography to GCSE level. We investigate works by contemporary artists and develop our practical and creative thinking skills within the context of conceptual art. Students are encouraged to develop their own personal ideas, imaginative self-expression and explore a variety of creative processes and techniques. Students learn how to consider, plan, resolve ideas and measure their success, further developing their thinking skills that are necessary for employment. Their work is exhibited and within the wider community, some receiving awards and national recognition. The course at KS3 prepares pupils in the ability to undertake more independent learning at KS4 where there is more flexibility with themes for GCSE pupils.

Let the Art Department at Cymer-Afan be the launch-pad for your creative artistic skills to soar, making a difference in your own personal accomplishment. Let it be the catalyst to explore and develop your artistic and creative imagination that leads to the innovative designs of the future.