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Child Development


For those that decide on a career in childcare there can be many contributing factors, for many they see this as a challenge, fun and rewarding job.

So why choose a career in childcare?

Many people thrive on a challenge and working with children provides you with many of these. As the job varies from day to day it provides practitioners with constant challenges. Having certain qualities such as being patient, caring, passionate and hard working will help during those challenging moments.

Route to progression – People have to start somewhere on the career ladder and with the industry growing at a rapid pace there are great opportunities to train at a higher level. There are many career routes in childcare leading to possibility of running your own nursery

Working with children brings many rewards, it is a chance to see children flourish in their development and become confident, independent learners. For many practitioners working in childcare they don’t see this as a job they see it as an opportunity to make a real difference to a child’s life.

A job that involves working with children is a fun one. There will be times where you will be getting messy with children and helping them learn through play. Other times may involve planning a trip to the local Farm or working with a child that needs some additional support. Being a fun and energetic person is a great quality to have when working with children.

A career in childcare provides many opportunities to working with others, whether this is a team member, the nursery manager or other professionals. Many new skills can be learnt when working with others