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Food Technology

Here at Cymer Afan, food and nutrition is a subject that will inspire and enlighten pupils through all of the key stages. Whether you are interested in cooking meals for yourself and the family, its health benefits or perhaps you aim to be a top chef one day, this subject provides important life skills for all.

In year 7, we will teach you how to plan and produce family meals from scratch, which includes some classics like homemade pasta and pizza. Bellissimo! There is a mixture of theory-based lesson and practical ones where you can put your theory to the test!

In year 8, you will learn how to plan and prepare healthy, balanced diets. We will even test your knowledge with a quiz entitled ‘Healthy vs Unhealthy’. We will discuss special diets for those who have particular food allergies or intolerances, and how they can maintain a healthy nutritious diet under these circumstances.

In year 9, you can put your Bake Off skills to the test as we navigate through the various cake making methods creating show stoppers of your own, from novelty cakes to chocolate brownies! As with every other year, theory will be a part of this course but mostly in the form of health and safety considerations and well as flexing your analytical muscles when comparing costs of recipes and shop bought cake products.

We believe that our subject is a vital life skill that will improve the health and wellbeing of all who study it and their families. It could also be a step in a future career in Catering, or within the health professions. Perhaps being the next high profile Dietitian for your favourite rugby or football team. We are passionate about our subject and hope that you will be too.