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Dear Math, I am sick and tired of finding your “x”. Just accept the fact that she has gone and move on mate.

Mathematics is a subject that’s often considered as being boring or difficult, but not here at Cymer Afan Comprehensive. Ask yourself, how many times have you thought or said the following? “I give up”, ” I can’t do Maths”, “I don’t get it because my brain just doesn’t understand numbers” or “Where will I ever use this?”

Maths is more than just numbers! It is a subject that teaches you to use your problem solving skills, trial and error methods, make mistakes and to not give up. Throughout the Key Stages you will have the opportunity to investigate, explore and learn through a range of different activities. The Maths department love playing bingo, having class competitions, using board games, treasure hunts, my maths IT lessons and many more fun activities.

After all, where else could you figure out Usain Bolt’s speed in a race? Or how many grams of flour Mary Berry needs for the perfect cake? How about the average number of goals scored by the Swans in a season? Or whether all shapes can be used to make tiles? Have you ever wondered how architects use scale drawings and plans? Or how Algebra can be used to solve real life problems? Can you do magic with Maths?

Here in the Maths department we have the answers to all of the above as we love Maths! Hopefully, there are many more Mathematicians in the making.