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Science is a subject that will enthuse and motivate pupils’ right through the Key stages here at Cymer Afan Comprehensive. Whether you’re into animals, explosions or simply figuring out how things work, the Science department has something for everyone.

Don’t want to be stuck in the classroom every lesson? More of the outdoors type? You will enjoy the sampling section of work and biodiversity topics that explore nature, animal habitats and ecosystems on offer during your biology lessons. On top of that you even get to dissect things and identify the main parts.

Explosions and chemical reactions more your thing? Then we have them too – in abundance. Chemistry takes you into the world of reactions and how and why they happen. Not only will you be learning about certain reactions, you will be using fire and chemicals to change substances and solutions.

If your mind is drawn to solving problems and maths based theory then we even have that covered too. The world of Physics will test your problem solving skills to the limit and give to answers to some of the most complexed questions to do with electricity, speed and gravity as well as the universe – the mind literally boggles.

We love our subject and we hope you will too!