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Why speak Welsh? Why not? After all; Welsh is the ancient British language which dates back thousands of years. It is often called the language of poets with Wales called “the land of song”. Why? This is because the language is colourful, soulful, expressive, romantic, rhythmic, current and very fashionable. Yes, it’s got the lot.

Is Welsh a modern, relevant language? Yes it is! Upload the apps onto your devices and practise speaking Welsh anytime; anywhere. Turn on to S4C and BBC Cymru and enjoy world class drama, sport, politics, news, comedy and music. Don’t forget the Welsh search engine GWGL. Also, join the Urdd and enjoy being part of the rich diverse community of young Welsh speakers by attending the Eisteddfod. Enjoy all the fun of the largest youth festival in Europe – maybe the World! Don’t forget to greet everybody in Welsh with a happy Shwmae!

Want to learn about customs and ancient folk tales? Are you fascinated by the Arthurian Legends, ancient battles, tales of magic, mysticism and the Mabinogi? Then our lessons are the place to be spellbound. Enjoy Harry Potter? Well, come and immerse yourselves in the fantasy world of the Two Dragons, Merlin the Wizard, Gelert, Rhiannon, Branwen and many more. Learn how we share our language, folktales and customs with our fellow Celts in Galicia in Spain, Brittany, Ireland, Isle of Man, Cornwall and Scotland; you will be amazed.

Want to learn about Wales? Do you know where smallest city is in Wales? Can you tell me about our patron Saint? How tall is Snowdon? How many National Parks and castles do we have in Wales? Why do we love to eat cockles and seaweed? Do we have our own cuisine? So much to learn and so little time.

What about our talent? Can you name extremely talented sports players, singers, actors, designers, chefs, poets, classical musicians, composers, politicians, scientists, mathematicians? This is always worth a GWGL. You’ll be stunned by the wealth of creative talent that bursts out of our tiny country. We are lead players on the World stage.

Want be part of the proud one million Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050? Want to keep moving Wales forward to a fabulous future? Then your Welsh lessons are the place to be.

To put ‘the icing on the cake’ sign up for GCSE Welsh. What’s not to love?

Ymlaen at y filiwn: Towards the million!

Caru Cymru: Love Wales

Cymraeg yn gyntaf! Welsh first!